Little things make big things

We believe in the following values:




Small attentions can prevent big disasters.
Choose a reliable partner.

Fab 4.0 Hose presents itself as a participatory workshop focused on the DESIGN, PRODUCTION and SALE of silicone hoses and customized component. Our major markets are industrial, food and pharmaceutical.

We are a FAB LAB because we believe in the concepts of PARTICIPATION, AUTOPRODUCTION and FREE FLOW of INFORMATION and KNOWLEDGE. Customers can work with us following the principle of “DO IT YOURSELF”, we believe in the perspective of a collaborative economy.

We consider ourselves a “MAKER SPACE”, where customer can interact and accompany us in the development of prototypes and finished products.

We act as a 4.0 platform as we have digitally rethought the areas of value creation and INTEGRATION to optimize services and skills.

Our goal is to help our partners grow by ensuring QUALITY, TRANSPARENCY and SPEED in the management of company flows.

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