Fab4hose Philosophy

The components are the heart of the product.


How does the mind interpret reality?

Our mind reads reality through unconscious metaphors: for our mind, reality is too complex, and therefore, it interprets it through simpler concepts.


How does the mind conceive of components?

When we think of components, our mind ignites some simple concepts.


To the mind, the component is a negligible detail.

To our mind, at an unconscious level, components today are nothing more than a negligible detail and do not constitute a relevant element.


How do we intend to change the understanding of components?

We believe that this incorrect understanding of the importance of components can change: our task is to make people understand that although components are smaller than the products they contribute to creating, they are located inside the products, hidden from view, but this does not mean they are not relevant.
If we can make people understand that components are inside products, hidden within larger and more complex structures but are the center of the products, their heart, then tomorrow, components will have all the consideration and importance that they truly deserve.


How does our brand philosophy promote the importance of components?

From this new conception of the importance of components, our brand philosophy is born: the passion that moves us comes from the conviction that the component is the true strength of the product, our vision is that the component is the heart of the product, and our mission is to innovate components by collaborating with our clients.


Why is our brand focused on silicone components?

Our work with components is specifically dedicated to silicone components.
This is for three reasons:


Silicone is not manufactured from petroleum. Its production process eliminates the environmental impact of oil extraction.

Silicone can withstand a wide range of stresses and extreme temperatures.
Silicone is fully recyclable. In addition to having a very long lifespan, silicone is completely recyclable.


Innovative products tend to require innovative components because the component is the heart of the product.

We promote component innovation because technological products are systems of components that are becoming more innovative and challenging in terms of the performance required from the components

All complex technological systems are made up of components.
We are committed to ensuring that components acquire a new and greater relevance given their increasing impact on technological, economic, social, and environmental progress
Those who believe in component quality are not alone.

Component quality is first and foremost a personal and individual value, but it also has deep collective roots in the best industrial culture worldwide, shared by thousands of entrepreneurs, technicians, and researchers in every country.

Component quality is an economic, social, and political issue.
Given its systemic impact, component quality is a matter of collective relevance that deserves a collective approach, as well as an individual and business approach.
A world of quality is a systemic work and requires systemic collaboration.
For this reason, all producers of quality components have a duty to cooperate to promote the qualitative progress of the component sector as a whole.


Component quality must be for everyone.
Every producer of quality components is called upon to share their knowledge for the general progress of the sector


Without passion, there is no quality.
At the basis of the research, production, and choice of employment of quality components, you will always find a passion for quality


Where there is no information on components, there is hardly any quality of the final product.
To truly choose component quality, maximum transparency of information on this topic is necessary.


Component quality is always specific.
Each component application is always a specific case that requires specific analysis and often also specific and non-standardized solutions.


The quality component solution is the sum of quality components and quality services.
Quality component solutions are always complete, that is, they are not only made up of the supply of the correct component, but also all the necessary services for its most efficient availability and better industrial application.


Component quality depends on who chooses which components to buy.

Component quality of a product cannot be achieved without the maturity and sense of personal responsibility of those responsible for purchasing the components themselves.


A well-made product depends first and foremost on the ability to enjoy the pleasure of creating it with quality components.
We believe that there is a specific form of pleasure, happiness, and joy derived from the correct component approach to the realization of technological products.


Every component choice remains over time.
We are convinced that every quality component choice contributes to enriching the history and future development of components.