Food & Pharma

The F4H food and pharmaceutical range allows you to adapt both its construction and the selected raw material to your needs.

To supply every usual application our brochure include three different constructions (SIL-PTR, SIL-PTRT, SIL-PTRTW). This choice should consider the range of pressures and diameter of our part.

Also F4H offer two different raw material grade: FS150 is focused on maintaining a sterile environment free of volatiles and impurities. On the other hand.

Standard Parts

Straight hose

Available constructions: SIL-PTR, SIL-PTRT, SIL-PTRTW

Available diameter (see below table):
  • SIL-PTR: Ø 5-32 mm
  • SIL-PTSW: Ø 10-51 mm
  • SIL-PTRTW: Ø 10-102 mm
Available lengths:
  • SIL-PTR: Available in coil of 10 or 20 meter.
  • SIL-PTRT: Available in coil of 4 or 6 meter.
  • SIL-PTRTW: Available in coil of 4 or 6 meter.

Raw Material

The raw material selection must be carried out taking into account the working conditions of the component.

  • The contact fluid will define the matrix chemical stability required.
  • The working temperature influences fabrics and matrix raw material choice.