The new hassle-free method to supply components to your company:

Our aim is to integrate ourselves in your supply chain by transforming traditional supplier role in real partner one

There is only one way to create the right components: collaboration

Fab4Hose want to be closest to the customer to provide an excellent service

Close to you


In Fab4Hose we working every day to guarantee hight after-sales service: we guarantee our customers traceability of every single hose

Stock & Forecast

We may guarantee a security stock in our warehouse from 1 month up to 3 month respect the forecast of customer consumption of all its referecies (after having received quarterly or  semester forecast): this strategy is adopted from us to prevent break of stock, to satifing peaks of production and inconvenient during shipments.

Order Confirmation

48h from receipt of order

Our commitment with the customers is to verifying your order and scheduling it for production within two working days from the receipt of order

Label and hose traceability

Part number/Customer order/Lot of Production/Lot raw material

We guarantee our customers traceability of every single hose (enclosed a photo) and individual labelling with customer internal reference and internal order.


Each product is marked with our logo and your external part number information. Customer informations can be reported under demand.

Shipment and Delivery time

Fast and competitive prototyping, from 2 to 3 weeks to deliver new prototypes. As regards serial production, we can deliver from 2 to 10 weeks according to customers schedule.

From Valencia we are able to supply easily and fast any type of shipment into or out of Europe region by land, air or sea transport.

Terms of Payment / Incoterm

We cooperate with our customers to establish the best commercial conditions to create a system more solid and efficient work and to obtain a rapid management of their orders